7 Reasons Why You Should Cultivate Mushrooms in Your Next Commercial Hydroponic Project

In my personal opinion, mushrooms are the most underrated and undervalued ingredient used in our everyday life. There are multiple reasons for this which could be a scarcity of the mushrooms in certain regions, lack of knowledge, and no proper growth environment. 

Just to provide a perspective, about 20,000 tons of mushroom was exported from Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia to Europe alone, for consumption. Credit goes to the mass movement of being Vegan across the globe. 

While we consider our Asian counterparts where mushrooms are a delicacy and consumed on regular basis, in India the demand is high for the population who are aware of its nutrient content and among the fitness conscious mob who realize it’s an excellent vegan source of protein.

As someone who has handled multiple projects in Hydroponics related to mushrooms, I present you with my insights over as to why cultivating mushrooms might be the best decision you take in the business.

Vegan, Vegan, Vegan:

With the movement of veganism growing around the globe for all the right reasons, mushroom becomes the preferred source of protein for people who opt to be a vegetarian. It is rich in nutrients, has minimal fat, and can easily be accommodated in any kind of diet

Prolonged Shelf Life:

Mushrooms being from the Fungi family have an extended storage life. Once dried, mushrooms can be used for a duration of over a year. If you wish to sell it fresh, it still can be consumed within a week (under correct packaging and storage conditions)

Nutrient Content:

The Niacin content of Mushrooms is about 4 times that of any vegetable. You can selectively alter the nutrient content of Mushrooms using Hydroponics. It is 2.5-3% made of protein and about 90% of water. It is rich in Vitamin B and C and is considered to be a superfood. Considering the situation, with the incidence of COVID-19 rising in numbers and affecting a large number of individuals, people tend to opt for food which helps them bolster their immunityMushrooms being rich in Vitamin C, which is considered to enhance our immunity can fulfill this requirement of people around the globe.

By Product variety:

Mushrooms can simply be dried by using a microwave oven at our homes. Dried mushrooms are used for a variety of reasons. Being a good source of protein, it is used to prepare protein powderPickles are prepared using mushrooms. Sauce of mushroom is prepared and served in gourmet dishes. This shows that mushrooms have high demand across different segments of the market and not simply restricted to a single domain.

Minimum Water Requirement:

For plants which are grown using Hydroponics, Mushroom is one of the most convenient, and sustainable option. It can be grown in presence of hard water and has minimal water requirement.


A single stool which can accommodate 4-5 bags of mushroom substrate is enough to grow about 1kg of Mushroom. It can be simply done in a balcony where there is no direct sunlight.

When you opt to grow mushrooms using Hydroponics, they are produced in high density and a higher rate of production. For example, if you obtain 100kg of mushrooms grown normally, by using suitable techniques you can easily increase the output to 130 or 140 kg, that is a direct increase of 30-40% in the cultivation of this superfood

We at Kamala Farms have expertise in techniques that help you reduce your costs. If you ever feel that your Hydroponic farm needs a fine-tuning and optimization, we will be glad to help you out. We provide our farm setup services at prices 10% lower than the market. With our guidance, you can be assured that you will observe a significant decline in the cost of production by 20-22%, your yield will be enhanced by 10-15% than the 

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