Can I Learn Traditional Farming in a Week?

Hello ‘Agri-preneur’!

To survive, we must adapt and evolve. 

Agriculture today, is no longer what it used to be back in the 90’s & the 2000s. It has evolved. The climate is simply not what it used to be a decade ago. The reforms in the agriculture sector have made the market a whole new avenue. We all wish to earn maximum profits with minimum investments. But without the knowledge, there is no point in the application of techniques.

Did you know? Setting up a polyhouse for your farm can cut down your costs up to 80% and increase your produce by two-folds in the long run? By using automated irrigation technology, you can cut down your use of water up to 40%. Imagine the impact if you are an urban farmer.

This, and much more information available exclusively in the Kamala Farms Soil Farming Commercial Course. All you must do is invest an hour of your day to learn the art that will help you become a more efficient and successful modern-day farmer in return.

Imagine, having someone with whom you can discuss every aspect of your farming. From which soil is ideal for the crop? Which pests can destroy the crop and how to keep them away? Which crops are ideal for indoor farming? Which fertilizer? Ideal polyhouse for my farm?

Enroll now and have every query of yours clarified by our R&D team formed with extended support from the Indian Institute of Plantation Management. Every groundbreaking innovation from the use of hybrid seeds to constructing a polyhouse is now available at your convenience. Understand how adapting to these innovations can give you an edge over the competition and make you more reliable as a producer and a supplier.

Enroll now and realize the true potential of your farm with us.

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