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Kamala Farms is establishing hyper-local urban farms, fostering a supply chain characterized by transparency and a low carbon footprint. Their cultivation techniques enable them to conserve up to 95% water while yielding 30 times more produce than traditional farming methods.

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Indoor Ag-Con: Hydroponic Revolution

Explore the future of indoor farming with us at INDOOR AG-CON, Las Vegas. Experience how our hydroponic solutions merge efficiency, sustainability, and innovation for unparalleled farming success.

Our Hydroponic Solutions: Empowering Your Success

360° Solution

Hydroponics ensure indoor farming coverage from setup to harvest.

Market Insights

Navigate markets with expert advice and support.

Cost Efficiency

Maximize ROI with efficient hydroponic setups.

Expert Support

Skilled agronomists and technicians offer hands-on guidance.

Innovative Greenhouse Dock System

Optimize space, productivity with our unique dock system.

Cherry Tomatoes

Growing cherry tomatoes vertically for the first time.

Thai Chilli

Growing Thai Chilli vertically for the first time.


Small space, big harvests with vertical nurseries!

Leafy Vegetables

Fresh, quality produce all year round, unaffected by external climates.

Micro Greens

Nutrient-rich and flavorful, perfect for urban farming.

Urban Kisaan is one of the first hydroponic based company in the world to get a patent to grow plants vertically inside a container farm. Specialities including thai chillies and cherry tomatoes. We stand at the fore front of this revolution. Join us today!

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