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fully automated hydroponic system

Farm Setups

The highly motivated team strives to assists new age agripreneurs in setting up successful “Commercial Hydroponic farms” with the appropriate amount of effort and resources in order to tap into the lucrative revenue streams.

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Contract Farming services in Hyderabad

Contract Farming

A modern and secured way for you to get guaranteed price and business. With a team that specializes in Hydroponics, all knowledge of an optimized farm is transferred to you.

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Kamala farms


Kamala Fresh team specializes in fruit trading and have an established supply chain throughout India. This branch also caters to clients with export requirements.

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We Take You With Us Through The Journey Of Setting Up The Most Advanced Farms.

Farm Setups
hydroponics setup in Banglore

We Believe That Agriculture Is Key To Our Growth.

Other Services

Farm Management

We help you setup the most advance & efficient farm

Farm Audit

We offer contract based buy back service

Market Research

Our expert R&D team is here to assist you throughtout your farming journey

Financial Assistance

Wide range of courses, workshops and training programs are conducted by industry experts

commercial hydroponic farming in Hyderabad

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