What is Automated Hydroponic Farming System and How it Works ?

Over the past few years, automated hydroponic systems have become incredibly popular. They are made to allow plants to develop in some kind of a controlled setting with little assistance from people. We at Kamala Farms have pioneered the development and application of totally automated hydroponic for productive and sustainable farming.

What is a hydroponic system that is totally automated?

A form of farming system called a completely automated hydroponic system grows plants without the use of soil, instead using water and nutrients. The system is made to give plants access to all of the vital resources they need to flourish, such as o2, food, light, and nutrients. All growth circumstances of a plant, including such temperatures, humid, ph., and nutrient levels, are monitored and adjusted by the system using sensors and automated controls.

How does it function?

Our completely automated hydroponic system at Kamala Farms is made up of a number of parts that work together to produce the best growing conditions for plants. These elements consist of:

Plant-Growing Bed

The plant-growing bed is the area in which the plants are raised. Depending on the kind of plant being grown, it can be created in a variety of sizes and shapes and made of a variety of materials, including plastic or metal.
Water and vital nutrients that plants need to develop are combined to create the nutrition solution. The growing bed is continuously pumped with the solution, giving plants the nutrients they need.

Pump & Filter

These pumps & filtration work together to maintain the cleanliness and circulation of the nutritional solution. The filters eliminate any extraneous particles or dirt while the pumps circulate the fluid through the system.

Sensors and controllers

These devices keep an eye on and modify the environment under which plants grow. They make certain that the ideal levels of pH, temperature, humidity, and nutrients are all maintained.


In order for plants to flourish, they need light, so our completely automated hydroponic system gives them the ideal quantity.

advantages of a completely automated hydroponic system

Resource efficiency
Hydroponic systems require substantially less water than conventional farming techniques, making them appropriate for areas with a shortage of freshwater. Also, they use less herbicides, insecticides, and fertilisers.
High yield
With a comparable amount of space, hydroponic should produce up to ten times as many crops as conventional agricultural techniqu
Year-round agriculture
Hydroponic systems are perfect for areas with difficult climates because they’re able to produce food year-round, regardless of the weather.
Improved plant quality
Hydroponic systems’ regulated environments allow for faster, healthier plant growth, which results in higher-quality fruits and vegetables.
With Kamala Farms, they are dedicated to creating and putting into practise effective and sustainable farming methods. Our dedication towards innovation and sustainability is demonstrated by our completely automated hydroponic system.


Hydroponic systems that are fully automated are a great way to produce plants effectively and responsibly. They produce crops of great quality while utilising less resources. At Kamala Farms, we take great pride in having pioneered the design and application of completely automated hydroponic systems. Our techniques guarantee that we consistently produce high-quality crops by creating the perfect environment for plants to develop and thrive.

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